Jonathan Levin: Philadelphia Eagles Trade for Golden Tate

Jonathan Levin: Philadelphia Eagles Trade for Golden Tate

For Jonathan Levin, one Philadelphia Eagles Super Bowl win is not enough. The city has had its share of near-misses on both the hardcourt and the Astroturf, and when the Eagles went home from Minneapolis with the Super Bowl trophy, it was like a curse was lifted from the state of Pennsylvania.

However, eight games into the 2018 season, the Eagles are 4-4 and second in the NFC East, a far cry from their dominating 13-3 record in 2017. The defense has been beset by injuries, while the offense is not as creative as it used to be. Jonathan Levin believes Philadelphia could use a few more options on offense to complement Carson Wentz and Nelson Agholor.

With the rest of the season coming up, it looks like Howie Roseman is intent on shoring up the Eagles’ offense with the deadline-beating trade for Golden Tate. While Jonathan Levin thinks Philadelphia giving up a 2019 third-round pick for Tate is a risky move, it at least gives them more flexibility to run Doug Pedersen’s pass-oriented offense. Over the past four seasons with the Detroit Lions, Tate has made at least 90 receptions per season and a total of 19 touchdowns. He has also started strong this year, with eight receptions and two touchdowns against the Dallas Cowboys. Tate’s potential to make an immediate impact for the Eagles is unquestionable.

However, one question that lingers on the minds of Jonathan Levin and Philadelphia Eagles fans is Tate’s tenure with the organization. Tate has only eight games remaining in his contract, and is already thirty years old. While his statistics from 2014-17 don’t show any signs of Tate slowing down, wide receivers are among the most vulnerable to injuries, and the wear and tear of endless running might take their toll on Tate’s legs. Still, if he stays healthy and the Eagles finally sort out their offensive struggles, he might get his second Super Bowl in Atlanta next February.

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