Jonathan Levin: Philadelphia 76ers to Wear “Rocky”-Inspired Uniforms

Jonathan Levin: Philadelphia 76ers to Wear “Rocky”-Inspired Uniforms

For Jonathan Levin, a Philadelphia native, the movie franchise Rocky is the perfect tribute to his home city. The entire series portrays Philadelphia at its grittiest – an industrial city of immigrants from all corners of the world, with residents that would do anything possible to make their lives better. Jonathan Levin believes that Philadelphia and the character Rocky Marciano are one and the same – both embody the American Dream.

There is no scene in the history of sports movies that is more iconic than Rocky jogging through the city, says Jonathan Levin. The Philadelphia Museum of Art, where Rocky ends his run with raised fists, will arguably be remembered more for that particular scene than for its extensive art collection. In fact, the 72 steps leading up to the Museum’s entrance, called the “Rocky Steps”, are among the most-photographed attractions in the city, rivaled only by the Liberty Bell.
This is why when the 76ers announced plans to wear uniforms inspired by Rocky, Jonathan Levin and many Philadelphia residents became excited. While last season’s Nike “city edition” uniforms paid tribute to the Declaration of Independence with a cream-dominated color scheme, the Rocky-inspired uniforms are predominantly in a gray shade that mimics the champion boxer’s heather gray training sweatsuits.

While gray is normally a very dull color, Nike came up with a couple of unique features for the uniform. First, instead of having the team name at the front of the jersey, they instead used a circle of 13 stars, one for each of the 13 original states of the Union. They also used red-white-and-blue piping for the arm holes, shorts, and garter belt, with the iconic “Ballin’ Ben” logo, with arms raised mimicking Rocky, in the middle of the belt.
Jonathan Levin believes that Philadelphia will go deep into the playoffs this season, and that the Rocky-inspired jerseys are the perfect uniform for that championship run.

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