5 Greatest 76ers Players

5 Greatest 76ers Players

Jonathan Levin’s 5 Greatest Philadelphia 76ers Players

The Philadelphia 76ers have had some of the NBA’s greatest players of all time on their roster. That’s why it only makes sense to list the top 5 greatest Sixers of all time, spanning the decades from now into our bright future with Ben Simmons, Joel Embiid, and our cast of young and established NBA talent.

Read on to learn more about the rich history of talent that have made the Philadelphia 76ers a household name. These are NOT in order.

1.) Julius Erving

Marked by his glaring consistency, Julius Erving paved the way for Michael Jordan as well as some of the most intense dunkers of all time like Vince Carter and Lebron James. Erving was/is known for performing high-flying acrobatics and leading the Sixers to a 1983 NBA championship. Erving played 11 seasons with the Sixers and made 11 All-Star teams in the process. He won a 1981 MVP title averaging 24.6 points, 4.4 assists, and 8.0 rebounds per game!

2.) Wilt the Stilt

Most people think of Wilt Chamberlain as a Laker, and, while he established himself as a Warrior, Wilt had a brief stint in Philly that netted us an NBA championship in 1967, not to mention MVP awards in all 3 seasons he spent with us.

3.) Allen Iverson

Say what you want about AI off the court, but, on the court, Allen Iverson is pound-for-pound one of the greatest players to ever pick up a basketball. He pretty much single-handedly took us to the NBA championships, putting us in the arena with one of the greatest and most dominant Laker teams of all time.

4.) Moses Malone

Moses Malone gets left behind in the greatness conversation and it’s a shame, really. He was only with us for a short time and added to an already loaded Sixers team to take us over the top to win a championship in 1983 (after a dominating 12-1 playoff run). He also won the MVP that season as well as twice with the Rockets.

5.) Sir Charles

Diehard Philly fans might try to leave Malone and Sir Charles out of their top 5s, but that’s just being biased. Barkley established himself with the 76ers and it’s only right to include him. Though he never won a championship, Barkley averaged over 11 rebounds per game over his career and made an appearance in 6 straight All-Star games for Philadelphia alone.

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