3 Reasons Carson Wentz is Primed for a Great 2018 Season

3 Reasons Carson Wentz is Primed for a Great 2018 Season

Jonathan Levin Gives 3 Reasons to Watch Eagles Quarterback Carson Wentz This Season

We all know that Philadelphia Eagles QB Carson Wentz was phenomenal in his sophomore season as a pro. While it’s truly unfortunate that his season was cut short due to needing reconstructive knee surgery, it was an opportunity for the Eagles team to find itself in the process.

With last season in the books and with backup QB Nick Foles leading us to Super Bowl glory, this season Wentz is primed to be as effective as ever on the field. All signs are pointing to Wentz coming back in week 3 this season, which is already under way.

Wentz’s path won’t be easy, which will make for a compelling narrative all season — if he stays healthy. We’ll be playing the Rams, the Cowboys (twice), as well as the Texans and Jaguars — all projected top 10 teams.

Wentz has a distinct advantage with his knee situation: he doesn’t actually need to rely on mobility in order to thrive on the field. He’s got the goods to win games from the pocket — as long as his offensive line can give him the support he needs. Wentz’s playmaking skills set him apart from unreliable, speedy and maneuverable QBs like RGIII.

Either way you slice it, it’s going to be very interesting to watch what happens to the Philadelphia Eagles and NFL MVP Carson Wentz this season. The future looks good — most notably because Wentz’s development is further along than was expected last year.

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