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About Jonathan Levin

The future is looking mighty bright for the Eagles and the 76ers, so the time is ripe to create a place where like-minded folk can dish and talk sports when it comes to historic Philadelphia — a city mighty worldwide, representing American independence. You know, because of the Liberty Bell and all…

The Jonathan Levin Philadelphia sports fan site has the singular goal of providing top-notch content as well as high quality, up-to-date infotainment regarding the Philadelphia Eagles, the 76ers, and even a little Phillies and Flyers stuff here and there.

This site aspires to provide a meeting place, a community, an arena for those who are interested in the current state of affairs, as well as the past and future of these storied franchises.

The Jonathan Levin Philadelphia fan site also aims to enhance the Philadelphia fan experience for fans worldwide. This site pairs well with individuals who pay attention to the Eagles and the Sixers and look for supplemental information and commentary to the newsworthy events that occur in addition to the gamesmanship both on and off the field and hardwood.

Jonathan Levin has been a lifelong Philadelphia sports fan, creating many great memories in this storied city with his entire family. It only makes sense to create a fan page to share Philadelphia sports knowledge, opinion, and news.

Visitors of this site can expect up-to-date content that keeps the audience in mind. There’s nothing worse than internet solipsism. Instead, this site aims to be a place to communicate information and ideas regarding Philadelphia professional sports — usually with a 76ers/Eagles lean.

Visit the Jonathan Levin fan site frequently and bring your enthusiasm. It’s a great place to speak your mind and trade ideas about Philadelphia professional basketball and football.