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The forecast for Philadelphia professional athletics looks to be mostly sunshine and clear weather – but we’ll have our challenges. The 76ers have a squad with more potential than we’ve seen in decades — with a playoff berth in 2017 to boot! Ben Simmons and our affable Cameroonian center Joel Embiid stand to continue to turn heads, solidifying themselves not only as players with high ceilings, but also establishing the maturity necessary to become young veterans.

Then we have a young Markelle Fultz who really threw us for a loop last year. After what many considered at the very least a jerky start if not a baffling rookie season, Fultz seems primed to make some interesting revelations this year. With Lebron now in Los Angeles, the Eastern Conference is pretty much up for grabs. If we work out a few kinks, we could be facing Golden State in the finals this season (because, really, who is going to stop Golden State).

NFL talk is even more fun than Sixers talk at the moment now that the Philadelphia Eagles are the reigning champions of the league, looking to make it two in a row in 2018/2019. After having won a bonafide shootout with the dynastic Patriots last season in order to claim our first Lombardi trophy in Eagle’s franchise history, speculation season is now getting into full swing.

After winning it all in 2017, we head into this season with a slate of opponents nothing short of challenging. However, expectations remain high from die-hard fans and aloof, casual observers alike.

The future is bright on the gridiron as well as the hardwood this year. Come to the Jonathan Levin Philadelphia Fan Site for more updates, information, and opinions regarding the Eagles and the Sixers predominantly, but maybe also a little Flyers and Phillies offerings here and there as well.